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Ruffle top and Palazzo pants

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Ruffle Mania with a pair of Palazzo Pants Hi my loves, before we are leaving for some travels I wanted to show you this high summer look I have stored till the end. Last week I have already showed you what to wear for transition time. And now it just seems like we are straight in the middle of it. It is almost the middle of September but honestly feels like the beginning of October. From 30 degrees to 10 within a few days. That's quite heavy but as we are not able to change the weather at all the only thing we could do now is to throw ourselves back to warmer days. And what is better than a ruffle top? Of course I will also wear them in fall but in a…

10. September 2017

Tory Burch Swimsuit

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Pimp up your Suit - with a Tory Burch Swimsuit Hi my loves, there are these days when we do not want to wear this 8 to 5 "usual" office look especially when we want to go out afterwards. I recently showed you that a White Suit is the best option for summer office looks. But on some days it is not all and we want to give it an extra refresh. Said and done. I just tried to wear a swimsuit instead of a normal top. Of course you should choose a real beautiful one like this swimsuit from Tory Burch. When I first saw the swimsuit from Tory Burch I felt in love immediately. It is not only because of the perfect print it is even more about the perfect fit. Seems…

21. August 2017

Big summer hat

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Pretending it would be summer in Germany - with a big summer hat on Hi my loves, let's just pretend it was summer in Germany. Just for a short moment. Something which is definitely needed for the ultimate summer feeling? Exactly, a big summer hat! It is not only good to protects us from the heat it is also perfect for UV protections as well. When I first saw the famous "Raffaello" advertisement years ago I was cerrtainly into big hats, head over heels. Now it is the same procedure every year: can't wait to get my summer hats out! Because big floppy hats are a statement for themselves go for a discreet version when it comes to the other pieces! This is my advise to avoid looking overdressesd! Of course it has always…

13. August 2017

The Loewe Lollipop Tee

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How to style a Logo Tee - The Loewe Lollipop Shirt Hi my loves, in one of my last posts I already told you that there are some golden rules to break off your usual business look. One of them is to add a logo shirt to some plain trousers. These can be any trousers, some palazzo pants, a pair of culottes or just a pair of pleat-front trousers. With this you not only prove fashion boldness but also that you do not take yourself to serious sometimes. And believe me that last point is every appreciated. I really think we take ourselves too serious from time to time. And this is not good at all. Sometimes we just need to chill out for a while to change our perspective and point of view.…

5. August 2017

The White Suit: Best Office Look for Summer

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Nothing can go wrong with a White Suit Hi my loves, we certainly all know the following situation: standing in front of the closet on Monday morning and not having anything to wear. The ongoing "I-do-not-have-a-single-piece-to-wear" struggle we all know. And we all do not need it at all, especially on a Monday morning when being in a rush. For this reason it is always helpful to have some kind of "uniform" to be prepared. It might be a beautiful dress, a perfect pencil skirt or a White Suit. Peronally for me there is nothing better than some kind of elegant suit. Especially during summer months I love to wear bright and shiny colours. Something which brings me in the mood immediately. And you can never ever go wrong with a White Suit! The best…

29. July 2017