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Yellow coat w/ Balenciaga

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Balenciaga knows it well - say it with some yellow stripes Hi my loves, I hope you had a wonderful week with lots of ❤ ❤ ❤! Yes, the Valentine's Day! Some of us truly loves that day and some not. No matter what, with or without partner, I hope you had an amazing day! We had the opportunity, thanks to the weather the last couple of days, to shoot some last looks in Germany before heading to some warmer places next week! As you know I am a lover of bright colors. So it is no wonder that yellow is one of my fave colors! Especially now I could wear it day and night. And it is definitely going to be my year behause it is the year of pastels! Yeah ;) I am looking…

18. February 2018

The perfect Trench

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Trench love is real love Hi my loves, before I start showing you some awesome summer looks from Spain I wanted to share one of my current favourite styles with you. That I have a big rhing with trenchcoats has not to be mentioned, right? They are so versatile and the best you can have while living in Germany with its unpredictable weather. This trench from Marc Cain is not only light-weight, it also has the perfect colour in my opinion. And it is long enough to keep you protected from storm and rain. We all have beige trenchcoats for sure but what we really need is trench in hazelnut. Everyone should own one. I also like the shiny surface of this trench and it is just so comfortable! One detail I also really…

11. May 2017

A touch of pink


Get in touch with soft pink Hi my loves, I hope you had a great start into this Easter week? For me, honestly, it couldn't be any better. Some of you already heard that I am a new member of the Cover PR Family. Wow! I still can't believe it and it is some kind of overwhelming feeling when I take a look at this picture. You might understand it, right? ;) I feel kind of flattered and honoured to be part of this unique network! Today I show you a look we recently shot in Düsseldorf. On that day it was really warm so I was able to wear a light pink-grey silk shirt for the first time. Such a great feeling! Even though I am a little bit pale at the moment…

12. April 2017

Scandi Bohème


Scandi Style meets Bohème Hi my loves, why I am mixing two kind of styles? Because it is describing this look perfectly. The minimalisitc, slightly supercooled Scandi style meets French Nonchalance. This is simply Scandi Bohème. I am a huge fan of Scandinavia. I love the interior, the food, the clothes, almost everything. And to be honest: there are a lot of beautiful people. Nearly the most beautiful in the wolrd. Almost perfect place to be. Almost - but the weather is not mine. I truly need a lot of warm weather and light. Of course there a lot of Scandi labels I am into like By Malene Birger, Filippa K and Acne Studios. Actually my favourites. So it is not a big surprise that I felt in love with this amazing coat by…

26. March 2017

Kimono Style


Comeback of the Kimono - Kayomo Lab Hi my loves, when you think about kimonos you firstly think about the far East and long, undulating robes with exotic and colourful patterns. But kimonos can also look quite different. This is something the new label "Kayomo Lab" truly proves. Their designs are minimalistic, elegant, effortlessly chic and made for everyday life for modern people. The pieces are perfect for office days and you can combine them easily. No matter if you take a blue jeans, a pencil skirt or a culotte. The neutral colours are great style partner for your daily wardrobe. But there are also some colourful items if you need a little more attention. It is unbelievale that most of the designs the young label firstly showed at last London Fashion Week are…

22. March 2017