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How to make love last

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How to make love last - after years and years and years Hi my loves, it is about time to share a very personal blogpost with you as many of you asked me who is the person behind MOD - by Monique. So I actually decided to share more personal thoughts and posts with you talking about issues we all care about. Let's start with one almost everybody already experienced: How do I make love last after years? Well, the truth is: there is no wonder at all. No one recipe. But I think that you can keep it very simple: if you really love someone it will stay. The one and only true love. I also think that you can stick to some little or even bigger factors to keep the love fresh and…

1. May 2018

Playing that polka. Polka dot.

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Dots everywhere - a polka dots dream Hi my loves, you know that I have a big heart for prints, any kind o prints. But this season I am totally into polka dots. Dots, dots and a lot of dots. I will definitely not get tired wearing them over and over again. In any kind of combination. Currently there are so many different clothes in store that it is not easy to decide what to go for. There are tops, pants, blouses or even bags. It seems like you can find the print almost everywhere. So it should be easy to get the perfect piece for you. Or not? One question I have heard from several friends the last couple of days: How do I combine polka dots? Is it easy to wear them?…

22. April 2018

The Beacons Project by GANT

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We should all take care about our environment - The Beacons Project by GANT *Advertorial Hi my loves, there are certain things I truly care about. Beside my family I do have a big heart for animals and for our planet earth of course. Unfortunately we forget that being part of this beautiful world is a gift and privilege. Quite the opposite: we often brazenly abuse resources which do not even exist anymore. We do abuse our animals and environment. Daily, every minute, every second. To turn this horrible situation into something good we should take a minute to think about sustainability. It is not only very important, it is just indispensable. GANT is taking a big step forward. Introducing the Beacons Project. Never stop learning! Living in a world which seems to turn faster…

15. April 2018

A Wellness Day w/ Marc Booten

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Taking a day off while pampering myself w/ Marc Booten *Advertorial Hi my loves, I wish you a very happy Easter weekend! I hope you are enjoying the time in the most comfy way together with your family! Comfy is the keyword when it comes to my today's issue. As you all know I am a huge lover of all kind of Wellness and Spa treatments. Whenever I have the time I try to get at least one day off during the month to fill my body and soul with new energy. So this is exactly what I did last week and this was also the best opportunity to test my new products from Marc Booten. I love to test new products. Especially when it comes to some new and innovative beauty products. There are…

2. April 2018

The Lumiares Hotel

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When in Lisbon - The Lumiares Hotel Hi my loves as you have seen in my latest Travel Diary we have been to Lisbon in February. And this city just got me like! I can't get over it, so I will fly back again very soon, that's for sure. The city is not only full of colors houses it is even more a metropolis full of power and energy, just a perfect kind of "feel good" city! When we planned our trip to Portugal I knew that we would stay in the most fashionable neighborhood called "Bairro Alto". So I was so lucky that we found the beautiful Boutique- and Designhotel "The Lumiares". It is a jewel right in the middle of the quirky quarter and perfect to discover everything around. And trust me you can…

27. March 2018