A Wellness Day w/ Marc Booten

Taking a day off while pampering myself w/ Marc Booten


Hi my loves,

I wish you a very happy Easter weekend! I hope you are enjoying the time in the most comfy way together with your family! Comfy is the keyword when it comes to my today’s issue. As you all know I am a huge lover of all kind of Wellness and Spa treatments. Whenever I have the time I try to get at least one day off during the month to fill my body and soul with new energy. So this is exactly what I did last week and this was also the best opportunity to test my new products from Marc Booten.

I love to test new products. Especially when it comes to some new and innovative beauty products. There are a lot of special and beautiful products, it is not easy to get the whole overview! But from time to to time I discover some special brands which I want to share immediately. Marc Booten is one of them! I am very demanding when it comes to haircare and the products really need to convince me. Of course I also care about the ingredients. When I heard that Marc Booten is based on naturalness and sustainability I absolutely fell in love with the brand.

The organic hairdresser from Düsseldorf creates his products on the basis of monastery medical science and different herbs. His principle is to focus on the human as a whole. A principle I really like a lot and I love to support it.

One thing I also love is the fact that the products are vegan and all the resources and plants come from a controlled organic cultivation. As a vegetarian and lover of all plants and animals it truly means a lot to me and I love people who feel the same!

I have choosed some verbena, hop and basic products to start with and I have to admit that I really like them. The shampoos and conditioner transform my tired hair into a shiny bombshell manes of hair! After the long long exhausted and strained so it was the best way to give it a spring wake-up call. The verbena shampoo for example effects true miracles, a much needed refreshing treatment.

Did you also know that you can avoid a few mistakes while washing your hair? Yes, exactly.

If you have long hair for example you should always avoid to rub or scrub the hair lengths, just use shampoo for the topskull, the lengths will be cleaned by washing out. Otherwise you will get split ends very soon.

When it comes to the conditioner you should stick to the opposite. Just give a small amount into the lengths but avoid the top of the scalp. Please also make sure that your hair is not too wet. Otherwise the ingredients can not ingress and work.

I am also a big fan of the hair capsules. They truly work real wonders. It is exactly what my hair needs right now. Power and energy from the inside. I also enjoyed the shine hair spray which smells like freshly cut mandarins.

As you see I am completely impressed by the products but not only. The whole principle and Marc Booten himself really convinced me in every single aspect !

Have a great start into the new week,

Monique xx


*in lovely cooperation with Marc Booten

**Shooting Location: Van der Valk Hotel, Düsseldorf


  • Reply Tomasino Monday April 2nd, 2018 at 04:23 PM

    Sehr gute Produkte und ein Beitrag, der wirklich zum Wellnesstag animiert :). LG Tomasino

    • Reply Monique Monday April 2nd, 2018 at 06:27 PM

      Ich danke dir lieber Tomasino! Ich hoffe, du hattest schöne Osterfeiertage,

      viele Grüße

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