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Hello Mr. Officer


Hi everyone! Old and disused buildings always have a special attraction in my opinion. This one was really special for me, an old US-Army airport. Today there is still a hint of past days in the air even though the airport is closed for almost 6 years now. So I choosed an appropriate outfit for this shooting, the Army style. As a good representative I took the black peaked cap. As you have already seen I really love hats and caps in all variations. But with this cap I am really in love. >3 It is not something special, just black and simple, but I love it! It definitely spices up every outfit! The long grey blazer vest is my now favourite! I thought that I could not wear this bright colour but I…

2. December 2014

# New category: Beauty – Pt.1 My favourite Lip Colours #


Hi everyone! I would like to introduce a new category. Beauty is playing a big role in every life of a real fashionista, so the same with me. Therefore I would like to show you my favourite beauty products, my daily beauty routine and I will also introduce and try some new products. It was not always easy to find the right products for me, especially skin products are really difficult and my skin always reacted with nasty impurities. It really took time to fight against these impurities, sometimes I have to fight with it these days too but not as bad as some years ago. So one thing you should really remember: please use products from the same brand, and, if possible from the same line like e.g. Clinique Blemish Solutions. Your skin…

28. November 2014

# Wishlist of the Week #


The new season is running and of course I also want to update my warderobe. There are a few warm days coming up but they are definitely the last. I can't wait to carry out my new favourites! So have fun with it!xoxoMoniqueCoat H&M here River Island TrendstylingKenzo Sweater hereRiver Island Casual Looks OverkneesHRH Collection Knit Trench, really love it, so cosy, it is still an Insider tip hereRiver Island Chelsea Boots hereFlower Pants ZARA here 

27. September 2014