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J.W. Anderson│Faux Fur Collar


J.W. Andersons' little Pierce Bag Hi my loves, when you are reading this post I am currently on my way to Berlin Fashion Week. If you like you can follow me live on Instagram and my Insta stories to see everything what's going on. Where I am going and who I am going to meet. Which shows I attend and so much more. I would love to take you with me!! As you might noticed we shooted this look some while ago during Christmas time. So I am honetly publishing this look quite late but it's better late then never, right? It is also one of my fave looks because I prefer a cozy and chic style in winter. The combination of cozy business pants, a short turtleneck sweater and a J.W. Anderson Bag…

15. January 2017

Bucket List Week #2


MBFWB - Bucket List Week #2 Hi my loves, Berlin Fashion Week is just about to start! And with this the chaos begins. When it comes to clothes and my house. My hubby is not aible to pass the door this time, he has to go around several packages and it is not very easy to get into our bathroom, he has to fight against 20 hair styling tools to get through. Unbelievable right? It is always the same but I need to plan my looks before. So I usually plan my looks and then take a photo of each outfit to avoid any bad surprise when we are in Berlin ;) But as you could imagine I have never enough clothes and I had to shop a little bit online this week. I…

12. January 2017

Patent Leather│Red Coat


Miauuuu - let's talk about patent leather Hi my loves, when we think about patent leather we usually associate this with some kind of grubby image. Thanks to the horizontal industry ;) But believe me you can also wear patent leather pants when you are not working at the Reeperbahn. The styling is essential here, keep it clean and simple. Please avoid any kind of overknee boots of cut-out tops. Layering is always a good option! To take  away the austerity I also suggest to play with different textures and materials. Wool or silk are perfect partners ins style. Just give it a try! I choosed a white blouse with extra wide sleeves and a super cozy wool sweater. Keep it like that and the pants will not get so much attention anymore. Currently…

11. December 2016

Faux Fur│Knitted Suit


  Go for Faux Fur or Fake Fur Hi my loves, I hope you had a great week so far and you also get used to these freezing temperatures. Well ok, if we can ever get used to it! I don't think so. Every year it is the same: I am wondering how could I surive these nasty months? It will be one of those mysteries I will probably never reveal. But ok. There is only one thing which always helps: wrapping myself into cozy knits. Scarves are a great choice and if you go for faux fur scarves you can be sure that they will keep you wam for at least a while! They are so cuddly and to be honest: we all need more cuddling in our lives, right? I would never…

11. November 2016

Closed│Tiny Beetle Bag


Closed Pedal Pusher meets Beetle Bag Hi my loves, I hope you had a great week so far! It is unbelievable that it is November now. I just feel like time is flying more quickly this year, i don't know why. Some kind of scaring. Do you feel the same? Soon it's Christmas and we do not even make it for summer holidays...ok the only thing which helps here is to jump into my Closed Pedal Pusher! No, I am just kidding. Let's keep it serious. But there are jsut a few things which helps to sweeten your days. New clothes for example. This is a recipe for me which always works, always! I am astonished hoe happy I feel whenever I did a little online shopping. Well definitely sounds trivial, it actually is…

3. November 2016