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Just doing that layer thing

Hi my loves,

layering is one of those lasting trend which also survives several seasons. Well, but it is probably more than a trend. One of the most characteristic marks of a trend is that it is only hyped for a couple of weeks and then disappears. But layering is here to stay and I really like it! Layer with layers!

There is nothing better then playing with different materials, lengths and fabrics. Especially during this time of the year, inbetween seasons when it is not really cold but not warm enough to leave the house without a coat or jacket. Even though you just wish you could jump onto the streets with just a t-shirt on. Well, this time will certainly come. But for now we have to be a little bit creative.

So in my case I decided to go for a white not too long wool coat in combination with a long black knit dress and my beloved grey cashmere pants from Allude.

There is certainly no other piece which I learned to love during this long winter period. It is so cozy and warm and elegant at the same time! The colour is also perfect!

To give the look a modern twist I decided to take my new pointed slingback heels for a little walk. There was a time when I really hated those shoes. Just because I made so many bad experiences. All slingbacks I ever had really made me go mad. Why? Because I could not walk with them, the strap was always sliding down. So the whole day I had nothing more to do then bringing those shoes into the right position. What a nightmare!

But luckily now things have changed. I don’t know it they have either changed technology 😉 or if I have just learned to walk or third option: I just finally got the right pair. I think this could probably be the reason. No matter what now I am truly happy with them!

Did you ever made bad experiences with slingbacks? What do you think about them and do you like my look? And what is your opinion about layering?

Have a great weekend,

 Monique xx

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Coat: Filippa K, similar (here)

Pants: Allude, similar (here)

Knit dress: Hallhuber, similar (here)

Shoes + Earrings: Zara (currently available), similar (here), (here) or (here)

Clutch: Saint Laurent (here)

Sunglasses: Dries van Noten, similar (here)









  • Reply Simplement Lui Tuesday March 14th, 2017 at 08:28 AM

    A great outfit … so chic 😉

    • Reply Monique Wednesday March 15th, 2017 at 09:42 PM

      Thank you so much lovely ♥♥

      Monique xx

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