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Trendreport: Coats


  Investment: Statement Coats If we take it right coats are not a trend thing at all. Coats are made for staying longer than just one season. We wear coats every year when it is getting colder outside so it is most important to find the right one. We will definitely stick to it, maybe a lifetime. For this reason it is worth it to invest in a really high-quality and expensive coat! Believe me, this investment will pay off very quickly. When you finally found THE one classic coat you will probably wear it season for season. It is a different thing with trend coats, they are only made for one season and you get easily fed up with them. So it is not really important which kind of coat you choose, the…

25. October 2016

Style Analphabet


Fashionblogger daily life - it isn't easy to find the right style On some days I could really climb the wall. Everything is going wrong. Nothing works especially nothing you just wanted to do this day. In this case: shooting a new style. Should probably be very easy for a Fashionblogger or "Online Influencer", right? I cannot stand this word at all, I do not want to take influence or influcence somebody, I just want to inspire and engage my readers. But ok thats another story. To complete a new look is certainly easy most days but some are just to die for. On these days I can't handle them. I just can't put together a simple look. I throw all my clothes around, tearing my hair, throw everything the other way and mix it…

10. October 2016

Last summer vibes│Striped Culottes


Catching the summer feeling with culottes Hi my loves, well fall was coming just too quick, right? We just got used to those warm and pleasant temperatures and then suddenly: hello fall, goodbye summer! We are now forced to get out our first turtleneck sweaters. I am not really ready even though I showed you the first coat style with my last look. But what should we do? Nevertheless today I am showing you my last summer look to at least extend the summer thouhgts a little bit. There is always summer somewhere, right? You may know that I am one of the biggest culottes fans on earth. I have showed so many variations how to wear them e.g. here or also here. I don't why so many editors do not like them. You…

7. October 2016

Leopard Print│Pinstripes + Mules


  How to style Leopard - Part 3 Hi my loves, today it is all about my third part of the serial "How to style Leopard". I already showed you how to style the animal print in a casual way and also the elegant variation. And now we are go with the rock version. Well it is the royal of all those leopard styles! Just imagine Kate Moss without leo! It would be so boring, right? As we also like to look as good as Kate does we simply have to start. Rock and Leo is the best combination. And they can't live without. The same with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. What a relationship! They can't do with or without during lifetime! There are so many stylings: Leopard Jacet + Leather Dress, Fishnet…

1. October 2016

Indian Summer│Velvet Pants


Bye bye Summer - Hello Indian Summer Hi my loves, unfortunately summer is over now but we are so lucky that autumn is bringing some bright and sunny days with more than 20 degress along. A real Indian Summer. Is there something better? If we can't extend summer we are ok with a great fall, right? To get a little bit into fall mood I just put out my first fall clothes. I do not have to mention that I am a huge fan of autumn, right? As I am also a big fan of ponchos and capes I get excited ever year when I can finally get out my beautiful and cozy ones. You might know the problem that women women usually tend to freeze very easy so in my case every time…

21. September 2016