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# Ready to Rumble – 3 Rules for Sale #


Two times a year it gets down to business. a fight to survive. No, I do not mean the jungle camp and no, I do also not mean the visit of the parents in law. What I talk about is the pretty thing called sale. Two times a year everything is different. In summer it is really hard enough because you have to fight with a lot of living sweat glands. Well anyway some people have the strange habit to create variations of underarm hair during winter and spring and they use it as a special gun within the sale in summer. But in winter, there is a whole new dimension. Even if you can’t imagine. Michelin tyre man vs. Michelin tyre man. A battle of the giants. Buttoned up and dressed with ten…

28. January 2015

# 10 Wardrobe Essentials #


 1. JumpsuitYes, of course the little black dress is always a good idea, but boring indeed. A jumpsuit is fashion forward. It is not only more practical than a little dress. Who always wants to pay attention how you climb out off a car or how to sit down in the right way? Exactly. Nobody. You can easily jump into a jumpsuit and you are perfectly dressed in a second. Cool and edgy, elegant and sophisticated. Everything is possible. There are so many variations. 2. Biker Jacket A biker jacket is an absolutely Must-have. Point. If somebody does not know why, please go back to Fashion school. Let me explain one again: it is our all-time-favourite. You can wear it with almost everything. If you are wearing a flower dress and feeling too brave, just…

26. January 2015

New category – Thoughts on Wednesday


Hi everyone! It is actually time for another category. It is a category I really care about. Of course fashion is the love of my live (right after my husband and my animals) but it is not everything. I want to use this category to share my thoughts with you, so it is called „Thoughts on Wednesday“ from now on I will confront you with my point of view on every Wednesday. Now, during Christmas time, we are recognizing that we should stop time for a while and just enjoy the moment. But to be honest: how often do we really take the time to do completely nothing, leave our smartphones beside and enjoy here and now? I guess nearly never. So many wonderful moments are elapsing which will never ever come back again.…

10. December 2014

Hello Mr. Officer


Hi everyone! Old and disused buildings always have a special attraction in my opinion. This one was really special for me, an old US-Army airport. Today there is still a hint of past days in the air even though the airport is closed for almost 6 years now. So I choosed an appropriate outfit for this shooting, the Army style. As a good representative I took the black peaked cap. As you have already seen I really love hats and caps in all variations. But with this cap I am really in love. >3 It is not something special, just black and simple, but I love it! It definitely spices up every outfit! The long grey blazer vest is my now favourite! I thought that I could not wear this bright colour but I…

2. December 2014