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Acqua di Parma│Peonia Nobile

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Feeling the Italian Way of Life w/ Acqua di Parma Lemon trees, Olive groves, Gelato and a lot of Dolce Vita. When I hear the name Acqua di Parma I am immediately beamed to a lush coast on Sardinia. I have lost my heart to Italy many years ago. Or say it in other words: I am into this country from head to toes. It might has something to do with my romantic point of view or with the beautiful gentlemen? Just kidding. Sometimes I even wish I  would have such a little bit of the Italian soul. But ok I am also pretty good in having Diva moments...;) Anyway Italy is enjoyment pure ever since. And Acqua di Parma represents this feeling perfectly. Not for nothing they call it the "Essence of Italien…

27. August 2017

Tory Burch Swimsuit

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Pimp up your Suit - with a Tory Burch Swimsuit Hi my loves, there are these days when we do not want to wear this 8 to 5 "usual" office look especially when we want to go out afterwards. I recently showed you that a White Suit is the best option for summer office looks. But on some days it is not all and we want to give it an extra refresh. Said and done. I just tried to wear a swimsuit instead of a normal top. Of course you should choose a real beautiful one like this swimsuit from Tory Burch. When I first saw the swimsuit from Tory Burch I felt in love immediately. It is not only because of the perfect print it is even more about the perfect fit. Seems…

21. August 2017

The Loewe Lollipop Tee

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How to style a Logo Tee - The Loewe Lollipop Shirt Hi my loves, in one of my last posts I already told you that there are some golden rules to break off your usual business look. One of them is to add a logo shirt to some plain trousers. These can be any trousers, some palazzo pants, a pair of culottes or just a pair of pleat-front trousers. With this you not only prove fashion boldness but also that you do not take yourself to serious sometimes. And believe me that last point is every appreciated. I really think we take ourselves too serious from time to time. And this is not good at all. Sometimes we just need to chill out for a while to change our perspective and point of view.…

5. August 2017

Stripes and Pastel

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I have this thing with Pastel and Stripes Hi my loves, you might have seen it on my Instagram Feed. I have this thing with pastel shades. Especially now in summer I looove to wear them from head to toe. Yes, I can't deny. They make me feel so good immediately and this is what it is all about. And I also need some stripes. My second addiction. The combination is just unbeatable! I also have a big heart for wide palazzo pants. One of my faves too. I love them with silky materials, anything comfy to wear. Currently I do not leave the house without. There are also a big thing the upcoming fall/winter season. Can't wait for it! The best thing is that you can easily combine palazzo pants and they always…

14. July 2017

Smooth legs on a boat trip


*this post is created in cooperation with Gillette Venus Enjoy the Venus smoothness on a little boat trip Hi my loves, You know that I am traveling a lot: from Meeting to Meeting, Event to Event and I love to wear pretty bermudas in summer. Is there anything better than smooth and intensive moistured shaved skin? I think not. Especially in summer we need this lightly and summerly happy feeling, our #venusgefühl, to feel comfortable all around. Travel with my Gillette Venus Snap The next weeks there will be some super exciting destinations. For example a boat trip on the Mediterranean Sea or the Fashion Week in Berlin. For this reason I need to get my legs in shape and summer ready immediately. Beside a lot of sports :) I also swear on one…

30. June 2017