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# Beauty – Pt. 3 My favourite Foundations #


Hi everyone! Now it's time for the 3rd part of my beauty serial. Today we are talking about foundations. I know a lot have still problems with this issue. It was also not easy for me to find the right foundation. But something has changed and today the products are light-weight and let the skin breathe which is really important. The time of blocked pores is definitely over. Nobody wants to look like spackled or painted. Many foundations are therefore working with light-reflecting particles to achieve an ultra natural result. For me I have discovered the BB- and CC Creams from Clinique. I prefer a really natural result and due to my skin sometimes react with impurities I use the BB- bzw. CC Cream from Clinique (CC Cream Shade "Light/Medium", BB Cream Shade No. 2),…

15. December 2014

New category – Thoughts on Wednesday


Hi everyone! It is actually time for another category. It is a category I really care about. Of course fashion is the love of my live (right after my husband and my animals) but it is not everything. I want to use this category to share my thoughts with you, so it is called „Thoughts on Wednesday“ from now on I will confront you with my point of view on every Wednesday. Now, during Christmas time, we are recognizing that we should stop time for a while and just enjoy the moment. But to be honest: how often do we really take the time to do completely nothing, leave our smartphones beside and enjoy here and now? I guess nearly never. So many wonderful moments are elapsing which will never ever come back again.…

10. December 2014

# Beauty – Pt. 2 My favourite Perfumes #


Hi everyone! I have already introduced my favourite lipsticks. Now I would like to show you my favourite perfumes. It is not always easy to find the ONE AND ONLY scent for every situation. It mostly depends on your mood and feelings but also on the time of year. In summer we are wearing light and florale scents but in winter we love heavy, opulent perfumes.This winter I have a real favourite: Black Opium from YSL. This perfume is existing very very long, a classic perfume which has been reissued some times. This dark version is my absolute favourite. A warm and bulky note. The same is with Flowerbomb from Viktor & Rolf. This perfume is also heavy and too much for summer. I also like the light version of Candy Prada. This scent…

7. December 2014

# New category: Beauty – Pt.1 My favourite Lip Colours #


Hi everyone! I would like to introduce a new category. Beauty is playing a big role in every life of a real fashionista, so the same with me. Therefore I would like to show you my favourite beauty products, my daily beauty routine and I will also introduce and try some new products. It was not always easy to find the right products for me, especially skin products are really difficult and my skin always reacted with nasty impurities. It really took time to fight against these impurities, sometimes I have to fight with it these days too but not as bad as some years ago. So one thing you should really remember: please use products from the same brand, and, if possible from the same line like e.g. Clinique Blemish Solutions. Your skin…

28. November 2014