# Snap of the day: Khaki Wide Leg Pants #

Khaki Wide Leg

Khaki, we usually think of disdainful functional cargo pants.  But this is something quite different and special. The comfort fit flatter the female figure and it’s far away from the disdainful khaki pants image. Wide Leg Pants are always a good idea!

I have found these pants during my last researches through the Zara Sale. I always liked Khaki, I have also shown you some Khaki looks before like here or here.

The colour is universally applicable. You can wear it with White, Grey, Black or something coloured. Everything fits and this is what makes Khaki and these pants to a new favourite piece and must-have.

I do not have to mention that I already bought these pants, right? So you will see the pants “in action” soon. I am also curious about it. Somehow I have to admit that I bought a lot of things in the current sale. I didn’t want to, honestly I wanted to be a little bit more frugal. Well yes. But there are always unforeseen circumstances like fashion…;) Now I have a bunch of new jeans, bags and sweaters.

But it is really difficult to stand all those temptations. Hmm…you know what I am talking about, right? But in February I made the decision to spend less money for fashion. Ok, just a little bit less. Let’s see how long I will stand this. Maybe till the middle of February? There is so much pretty new season fashion in stores then.

I also know how I will combine these awesome pants in so many ways. I already have a lot of pictures in my mind. Sophisticated and elegant, casual and sporty. I love this laid-back, uncomplicated savoir-vivre cut. I am sure these pants are perfect to wear. And the best thing: you can wear it now and easily when it comes up to spring, a new dream daily piece. Yes, you might see that I am already in love …;)

My Snap of the day

What do you think about the pants? Do you like it or is it not yor style? And in general what do you think about Khaki? I am curious about your opinion!

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Khaki Wide Leg Pants: Zara (here)


  • Reply Verena Sunday January 17th, 2016 at 02:02 PM

    oh die Hose gefällt mir sehr gut und ich glaube die kann man toll kombinieren! Wenn es wärmer wird, freue ich mich auch wieder wide legt zu tragen 🙂 Also hast du einen guten Schnapper gemacht liebe Monique! Liebste Grüße, Verena


    • Reply mooffduty Wednesday January 20th, 2016 at 01:23 PM

      Vielen Dank liebe Verena ♥ ich habe die Hose jetzt nochmal in einer anderen Größe bestellt, da sie doch ziemlich klein ausfällt. Sie sollte schon locker und lässig sitzen finde ich. Ich bin gespannt!

      Ganz liebe Grüße nach Marburg,

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