MOD#s Pick│The perfect striped Jumpsuit

The perfect striped Jumpsuit

Hi my loves,

well yes I certainly have to admit that stripes are playing a big role in my wardrobe. They are up to date almost every year, in other variations but still the same of course. Stripes are always a good choice, they make you look fresh and chic within a second, totally parisienne. And if you have the same problems like me means staning in front of the closet with nothing to wear just grab the stripe thing and you are always on the safe site.

So this striped jumpsuit is your guardian for every situation. If you have no time in the morning it is the best option. Generelly jumpsuits are a pretty cool invention! Only one move and you are ready to go out. Nothing fits? The skirt is too short or your shirt too long? doesn’t matter, just take a jumpsuit. I plead for more jumpsuits in our daily lifes!

They are also a great choice for the office! Sophisticated combined with heels and a blazer. Also good for hot high summer days, we do not have to sweat in thick suits anymore! So jumpsuits are the perfect partner in style for summer office days!

Only consider one thing: do not show too much skin and avoid bad quality like polyester. Viscose is a good choice, also materials like linen oder cotton. If you would like to style the striped jumpsuit in a casual way just take a pair of pointed flats with lace ups or some cool sneakers!

So I have recently found the perfect suit from Glamorous. Black and white, minimalistic, elegant. I discovered the piece at Peek & Cloppenburg some days ago it is definitely my Pick of the day! Now I am curious about your opinion, do you like it? How would you combine the suit?

Below you can also find some Style Inspirations I gathered at Pinterest.

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Shopping_MOD#s Pick_Pick_of_the_day_Striped_Jumpsuit_MOD - by Monique

Jumpsuit: Glamorous (here)

Style Inspiration│Jumpsuit

Shopping_MOD#s Pick_Pick_of_the_day_Striped_Jumpsuit_MOD - by Monique_Inspo

Shopping_MOD#s Pick_Pick_of_the_day_Striped_Jumpsuit_MOD - by Monique_Inspo_1

Shopping_MOD#s Pick_Pick_of_the_day_Striped_Jumpsuit_MOD - by Monique_Inspo_3

Shopping_MOD#s Pick_Pick_of_the_day_Striped_Jumpsuit_MOD - by Monique_Inspo_2


Credits: Pinterest


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