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Niessing Solaris – First Spring Vibes

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From spring vibes and sunset - Niessing Solaris Hi my loves, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, maybe in the best way: cozy at home with a lot of blankets. It is so cold these days that we do not even want to leave the house. To be honest we just wish that the winter will disappear very soon. Ok, it is quite normal for February but we are longing for spring even more. To get some very first spring vibes I would like to show you these vibrant pictures, the first ambassadors of spring in the form of Niessing Solaris! Six different rings in six different gold shades. They truly reflect the beauty of a sunset and most of all the particular mood before spring. The rings are perfect for collecting, playing…

11. February 2018

The Pink Ganni Suit

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Ganni just got me like - the pinky suit My loves, there is no other look which gives me a better awareness of life then this gorgeous Ganni suit. It was indeed one of your favourite looks on Instagram. Pink says it all: optimism and a lot of energy! This is what we need these days. To be honest we all cannot stand this winter anymore, right? These gloomy and grey days without any light. It is one of the most difficult times of the year when it comes to our energy and mood but this time I said: "No, dear winter you will not get me down!" This is the reason why this Ganni suit will be my power suit of the year. The statement piece and partner in style. It will make…

2. February 2018

From gold to rings


Our visit at the Niessing manufacture Hi my loves, some days ago we visited a small city called Vreden. Vreden? Well, yes it is a city in North Rhine Westphalia near the border to the Netherlands where the Niessing manufacture is located. You would never thought, right? Today it is all about fast consuming living in an even faster environment with things available 24/7. But some things do certainly need some time to become as good as they are. For example a Niessing jewel. Within the manufacture everything is done by hand. A product comes to live whenever there is an order. There is no warehouse where you can just grab the jewels. Every product is unique and made with lots of love by people who are working there since many many years. This…

29. January 2018

New year – new style

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2018 – literally means a new beginning and a new style, right? Hi my loves, new year, new hair. This is how the title could literally be like. Especially when it comes to a new year. It is the time of new beginnings for everyone I guess. So for me there were some certain wishes for a change too. One of them was changing my hair. I was thinking of a new hairstyle some while now but I never did it actually. But then suddenly after seeing so so many inspirations on Instagram & Co. I finally decided to give it a try. So I went straight to one of my favorite hairdressers “Aus der Wieschen” in Münster. Serdal, my fave hairdresser, was immediately excited so there was no time for any other decisions. In…

18. January 2018

The Puffer Jacket

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How to style puffer jackets in a casual but elegant way Hi my loves, I want to wish you a very happy new year and all the best for 2018! I hope you had a great evening yesterday and an awesome day today! I personally look very forward to the new year. New adventures and new beginnings. Some are planned and some will occur totally unplanned, but this is what they call life. A bag full of surprises! So today I want to show you my first puffer jacket look. To be honest: I was never a big fan of puffer jackets before. I always thought they are just big, way too big, not really advantageous when it comes to the look and just ugly. It was hard to believe that they could also…

1. January 2018