5 Summer Classic Essentials

Classic Essentials you need for summer

Hi my loves,

it often comes quite unexpectedly. I am talking about summer. At least in Germany. In other countries they might be a little bit better prepared. But I do not want to leave you unprepared at all so I recently compiled a list of 5 classic summer essentials every woman should own in her closet to create a unique but always classy look.

The swim suit

Well yes, everyone of us has got at least 10 of them in a drawer. But how often do we recognize after a year that we do not like the prints, the fit or the colour. To avoid any kind of stress I always advise to buy one in a neutral colour and made of good quality. This assures that you will have fun with the item over several years and not only for one season. You can not only use it for summer but also for indoor swimming pools during winter.

The sandals

Yes it is certainly reality. We have 100 pairs of different shoes but to find the right pair of sandals is like winning the lottery jackpot. I can still remember a lot summers full of painful blisters. This is something we definitely need to avoid! For this reason go for a good pair of sandals, flat ones, you can particularly wear for the office and all other occasions. I also advise to take a neutral colour like beige, nude, brown or black.

The blouse

First you might think: why the hell do I need a blouse in the middle of summer? Well, it is probably one of the most smartest investment for your wardrobe. Whenever the temperatures are rising choosing a wide blouse is the best option. Just think about sweating in a tight top without any ventilation. Airy blouses are perfect and you are always well-dressed.

The bermudas

You can also call them shorts or just short trousers. However you like it. The only important thing is that they should not be too short. Ok, if you have legs like Gisele Bündchen you might make an exception 🙂 For all others I can only advise to buy at least a knee-length. It is not only for your own comfy it is even more about making life easier. It is also a great option for the office in combination with a blazer. Please also buy high-quality materials.

The white bag

In my last post I told you about the difficult search for the perfect white bag. There is always something to complain about. I have found the perfect bag with the Escada ML40. But of course everyone has another taste and view so I also searched for some other models. A white bag is a very important essential for every summer wardrobe!


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    Tolle Inspirationen von dir:-)

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      Danke Liebes ❤️

      Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende!

      Liebe Grüße
      Monique xx

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